MediSite solutions for health care anti-fraud cover many areas….


MediSite_Corp_Site_hp1_12.pngSaves Money

Improved Claims Cost Management
Smarter & Safer Prescription Medication Fulfillment
More Accurate Policy holder Evaluation for Underwriting

Reduces Excess Co-pays By Policyholder

MediSite_Corp_Site_hp1_14.pngQuality of Care

Expedites Patient Care and Improved Continuity Of Care
Faster, Smarter & Safer Medical Treatment
Faster, Smarter & Safer Rx Fulfillment



MediSite_Corp_Site_hp1_18.pngAnalytics & Trending

All Attending MD/Provider
Concurrent and Retrospective reviews for both medical and pharmaceutical
More Accurate Policy holder Evaluation for Underwriting

MediSite_Corp_Site_hp1_19.pngDeterrent & Mitigation

Minimizes Unauthorized Prescription Medication Fulfillment
Discloses Individual Provider Treatment Plans
Special Investigation Research Tools